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When two hearts sing a same song~
That's when you know that you are meant for each other <3

This is the song.
His song is my song.
My song is his song.
And our heart whispers it.
Spread the melody, across the ocean.
That's when love is really in the air.

P,! <33

Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!

Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

I love fanfic!
Welcome To The Underworld is THE BOMB! 

060510: LOVE IS IN THE AIR ♥

I should be on my 'blog hiatus' actually.
But I just can't help it!

I'm in my lovey dovey moment!
Love is in the air today!

watchful21 , thaankkks for the invite! xoxo
Thaankks for sharing! ♥

No one else comes close to you
No one makes me feel the way you do
You're so special boy, to me
And you'll always be, eternally
Everytime I hold you near
You always say the words I love to hear
Boy with just a touch, you can do so much

No one else comes close~


Old Flame

I'm so sorry but I cannot love you.
I'm so sorry but I cannot miss you.
I'm so sorry now that I am living my life without you.
I'm so sorry but this the best decision.
This part of my life with you is a past.
Baby, I'm so sorry.

p/s: random posting XD



*it's so dusty in here*

Graghh! I've neglected this journal for some times. Boohoo. My last post was urr..rmm..back in Dec 2008. o__o bwahaha! Too bad. And the last time I posted there I was around 13,000 kilometres from home. And now I'm posting my new post and I am 4,000 kilometres from home. And I am now around 17,000 kilometres from where I was before. LOL! Bingeul. Bingeul. Bingeul.

I have my own blog to take care of! But these days, I kinda active in LJ. You wanna know why? Because seems like that most K-stuffs and J-stuffs are posted in LJ! And if you are not a member, there's no chance you could get access to the site. And worst of all, your LJ have to be active if you want to be a member of that LJ! Tsk -__- how sad my life is! Not that I am not active in blogging world, but I have my own blog to take care of. Will it be fine if I leave my blog address here? So you know how enthusiast I am in blogging stuffs! XD And gosh- I am an ULTIMATE fangirl!


Are we in a same boat?
*high five* if you do!


Why oh why?


Why start comparing now? 
Urgh. I never like it when people started to ditch other band just because they love the other band. In fact, I hate it. And things like these will always make me mad! Hmpfft.

Who cares about my their IQ and EQ? Now that they have been in the entertainment industry for so long... do you think you should compare that? Wake up people! 

What's up with this mad post? Because I saw a YouTube video spamming the comments box on comparing KAT-TUN and NEWS. And bragged about my HEY! SAY! JUMP kiddies!  Shoot you guys! 

If you love NEWS, just stay in heaven and love them like the way you should! And don't go down to hell, ditch about KAT-TUN or those little kids! They are also human being what? 

Want the link? Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfILisHIZS4

Can someone just stop it? Someone who know the boys better than those brats! :) 

What Is Your Type?

Easyyy.. this is very easssy... what you have to do is JUST CHOOSE ONE from A, B, C, D or E! 

I just want to know what kind of guys do you like? Well, just want to know actually. To see what's major and what's not.

The characteristics I will lay out below are actually based on real guys. Will reveal it to you guys later who are they? But if you think you do know your guy, it'd be FUN FUN FUN! 

Read more...Collapse )

So what do you think? Which one do you prefer? 
Are your types available here? If not, could you please state what kind of guys are you looking for?? 

Writer's Block: Wild Rumpus

Why did you choose your user name? Is there any special meaning or story behind it?
Nice question!
Children's literature?  I want to be in one of the princesses in the fairy tale! AND--, Snow White is definitely my choice! woo. She is so beautiful! And apart from that, among all the princesses, she have the most charming and handsome prince! =p Though, I love Ariel's fun-loving character the most! And if I am Snow White, I will make sure that my Prince Charming is Yamapi! yayy! \\^___^//

How about you guys? 

What do you think of Code Blue?


Say Hello! to Summer Drama!!!!!! \\ ^_____^ //

Watched the first episode of Code Blue last night. And it was really AMAZING!!! 

Personally, before I thought, it'd be Iryu all over again. But then, my mistake! It's not. I love Iryu and will always do. Apparently, I cannot choose between Iryu and Code Blue right now as I've yet to watch the rest! As of Iryu, it didn't fail to impress me from the very beginning of Season 1 till the end of Season 2! That's how great it could be. I hope Code Blue can reach up to that kind of level. =)

Like Pi-kun said in his nikki about seeing him as an unpleasant character, he managed to make me think like that. I was so pissed off at this one scene for an ass he could be! huhu. That was my jaw-dropped moment! Gosh!

But then, it's good to see his hardworks paid off this summer with 21% viewerships ratings for a starter! YAYY! I'm happy. happy. happy.

Yeah, more medical terms aligned this season!
More complicated. So I thought heart surgery in Iryu with all those Batista operation thing was complicated. But this is way,way complicated. lol. *dizzy*


How about you guys?
Any likes or dislikes?


The ABC Game



You know what Love can do?

For Mizushima Hiro, I am currently watching Kamen Rider Kabuto on-line! huhuhu. *a proud fan!* lol.